When we come across people living on the street, we somehow meet them in their home. For the homeless, the very city is framing their daily lives, routines and relations. And being used to that can make it difficult to return to an indoor-home.

With the Build Outside project we want to make it possible for homeless people to participate in the design and construction of small mobile and flexible dwellings, made to support a lifestyle that makes them feel at home. The aim is to make the homeless less exposed and make it easier for them get on with life.


Small mobile dwelling-units for homeless people. The dwellings are designed and built with input and assistance from the users. The dwellings are temporarily placed at vacant municipal areas awaiting development. The project is created by the homeless organisation Project Outside with Architects without Borders as designers and advisors.


Aarhus, Denmark

  • That the homeless becomes less exposed and that their lives are improved by having a home.
  • That participation in the design- and construction processes increase the user’s wish to live in and maintain a home.
  • That Aarhus Municipality can make use of vacant areas to improve the lives of the city’s homeless community.
  • That we and our partner the Fund Project Outside gain valuable experience in building for homeless and potentially can expand the project to other cities and reach more homeless people.

We are currently creating a homeless dwelling-prototype at 16 m².  It is being built as a wood frame construction clad in wood-based board material. The unit has a modular foundation and comes fitted with electricity for light and heating plus water. The unit can be heated up to 20° in winter, and will weigh around 4,5 tonnes. The unit has a small terrace that enable outdoor sleeping, which many homeless has been accustomed to. The units will be placed in clusters with shared sanitary facilities.


The project is a collaboration with Fonden Projekt UDENFOR


The project has received support from the following donors and funds:




Read about the project at the Projekt UDENFOR website (in Danish)

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