In march 2012, Architects Sans Frontières – Denmark, was contacted by Janet Gracey, who asked for help to design two new kindergartens in connection to existing schools in the city Sisophon and in the town Bot Trong, in the west of Cambodia. 


The project consisted in planning, designing and constructing two kindergartens with three classrooms and three toilets in each building, for the 3-5 year-old children.


The city of Sisophon and the town of Bot Trong, Cambodia.

  • Kindergartens in Cambodia function as an introduction to the educational system, where the children learn the basic skills that will make the able to continue to 1st class in school.
  • They get lingual and physical stimulation and they learn basic hygiene and how to use a bathroom. In addition to this, the teachers keep an eye on the well-being of the children and make sure they are doing well and get vaccinated.

While the children are in the kindergartens, the parents are able to attend their jobs.


During the Khmer Rouge in the 60s and 70s, a lot of educational institutions were destroyed in Cambodia. Since then various NGOs haven financed reconstruction of schools and kindergartens. Unfortunately several of the kindergartens built in Cambodia end 90s and beginning of 2000 were built entirely in wood and have not been able to withstand the tough climate in Cambodia. Many of them have been destroyed by floodings, termite attacks etc. which was also the situation with the existing kindergartens in connection to the two school where we are working.

It has therefore been of great importance that the kindergartens are built in materials that can withstand the climate, at the same time as natural ventilation and light are provided inside the building, as they have poor access to electricity.

With our design of the kindergartens we try to develop the current way of designing kindergartens, to become more playful and appealing to the creativity of the children. We try to work in a socially and materially sustainable way.


Janet Gracey, Mech Samuth, Ingeniører Uden Grænser


The project has received financing from Medarbejdernes Honorarfond i Novogruppen, Myhrwolds Fond, Laaenhusfonden og Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond.


Research: 2012

Fundraising: 2013

Beginning of construction: december 2013

Project ended: 2014


Aurora Lykke Ekman, Signe Skaar Pedersen, Ane Lohse KristiansenJohanne Vestergaard, Agnethe Plauborg Lorentzen, Mette Damkiær Høffding, Nanna Riise Nielsen. 


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