Architects Mette Lange and Anders Linnet have developed two design within the concepts ‘floating and rolling schools’. With inspiration from a tent that easily can be set up and taken down Architects Without Borders Denmark developed a proposal for a third design, Chameleon School, in 2009.  



Chameleon School is a mobile school that provides access to schooling for nomade children by letting the schools come to the children in stead of the other way around. This gives the children a possibility to learn how to read and write. 


The borderland between the South-western provinces Goa and Maharashtra in India. 


The target group is children of poor nomade families, who is given access to schooling in the Chameleon School and thereby a way out of isolation. The families live disconnected to the villages where other languages are spoken which means the access to schools and teaching is very limited. The majority of the parents are illiterate and the teaching can thus provide a chance to break away from the isolation that the children are facing and give them a relation to the surrounding villages and communities.


Chameleon School is the third proposal within the MovingSchool concept designed by Architects Without Borders Denmark. The school is adaptable according to surroundings leaving a minimal footprint in the landscape as well as on the climate – thus the name ‘Chameleon’.

Chameleon School is a mobile, multifunctional and demountable unit with respect for local construction and craftsmanship. The school is built in collaboration with locale construction workers and with knowledge and experience with local materials and building customs. The school is built from locally accesable materials such a eucalyptus, bamboo and tarp and with as few materials as possible.

The first Chameleon School was taken into use on February 9th 2010 by 25 nomade children and has given them schooling and a possibility for a better future.



MovingSchool India, Moving School Denmark, Ingeniører Uden Grænser.


The project has received financing from Dreyers Fond, Brødrerne Hartmanns Fond and Statens Kunstfond


2009 – 2011


Sofie Wäborg, Marianne Filtenborg, Rune Asholt, Andreas Hammershøj og Anna Aslaug Lund


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