After Easter update: Two weeks has passed without us even noticing – time is simply flying by, and we are now more less 1/3 into our stay down here.

Since the last update we have also had Easter break which we spend at Bureh Beach. We hired a taxi to get there and had four fantastic days at the most fantastic bounty beach I have ever encountered. For lunch and dinner we indulged in either lobster or barracuda literally straight out of sea. At one point the cook wasn’t sure he had enough lobster, he just needed 20 minutes to check the cages just off shore…

Needless to say it was a great Easter. The way back to Magburaka was definitely also somewhat of an experience as we tried to take the public taxies. At one point we were crammed 6 adults, 6 kids and 5 chickens into and old Nissan when one of the women suddenly decided to pull out her breast to feed her kid while she was battling to keep the chicks in the old rice sack…. As I said – quite an experience.

As for the building we have now replaced and fixed the broken rim. The fence wall is finished and just needs a bit more plastering and to have the back gate mounted so we can have a secure compound. The drainage system is also as good finished – so we won’t get that much trouble during rainy season. Besides that the front rim has also been mounted and we are about halfway with building the 26 trusses we need.


We are still feeling the need for us to be around and checking up upon the workers as they do not have quite the same concern about things being straight or to the exact measure. They are often having a laugh of us for caring too much about things being accurate – luckily we are still the ones in charge.


There have been a few, let’s call them incidents, where an unbraced and unfinished wall came down because of someone leaning a scaffold against it, climbing it, and thinking of cause this will hold – it didn’t. Staying in the same kind of “not thinking” we also, kind of, had to redo some of the drainage, since the workers” forgot” to brace the bottom of the shuttering and it came out. Some of these incidents might also point at our lack of supervision – but it is all good and fixed now, so no worries.


The next couple of weeks we will be focusing on finishing and mounting the trusses so that we hopefully can put a roof on the building before the first showers of the rainy season sets in.

Hope you are all doing great – we definitely are.

Emil & Matthew

P.S. Fresh Ma Palma/Pojo/palm wine is actually quite nice.