We are looking for Syrian volunteers of architects and architecture students in Syria to join our team. 

The main aim of this call is to form an initial unit of ARCHITECT SANS FRONTIÈRES -Damascus, the work in the initial phases will be coordinated with the team project team in Denmark. Participants will have to work on documenting, studying, surveying and  monitoring changes in the urban and architectural aspects of the cities, the tools and methods of such a process will be set later with the future participants. The produced materials will be used in workshops, reports and  publications.

Participants will also coordinate with the rest of the team in Arkitekter Uden Grænser in Denmark, sessions and communication will be made via internet according to the circumstances, but a proof of participating should be presented regularly.

Our aspiration is that the team can be developed to form an independent body that can help also in physical projects in the future.

Interested , Please send an email with a small sample of your work your interests to